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5 Ways to Modernize Your Baby Shower

5 Ways to Modernize Your Baby Shower

Everyone loves a good party and nobody deserves one more than a soon to be mama — and that's why we're huge fans of baby showers. These events aren't just about stocking up on registry items (although that's always a bonus!); they also give a mom-to-be the chance to get dressed up, be pampered, and take in all the love her baby is about to receive from family and friends. They're rites of passage that have been around for ages and we hope the practice is always in place.

But traditional as showers tend to be, we know not every mama out there is on board with the old-school baby shower model — that's why we're in favor of adding personal touches to make showers a bit less...well, old-fashioned.

Read on for a few easy ways to put a bit of a modern twist on the classic baby shower.

Make it a couples' shower:

Traditionally speaking, baby showers are single-sex events. But who says they have to stay that way? Include the dad-to-be in the fun, encourage other guests to bring their husbands or boyfriends, and turn it into a co-ed day party. Of course, this will make your guest list quite a bit larger....but the more the merrier, right?

Go for a gender-neutral color scheme:

While most showers are decorated to reflect the baby of honor's sex (you know the drill: Pink for a girl, blue for a boy), we love the idea of sticking to a more unconventional theme. A white-and-silver or gray-and-gold color scheme could lend a glamorous feel to the event, and a clean black-and-white theme would be incredibly chic. Feel free to play around with the palette, but don't think you need to stick to the classic baby shower pastels.

Nix (or limit) the games:

When we think of baby showers, we tend to think of games. Lots and lots and lots of games — and while they can be super fun and entertaining for guests, shower games don't always scream 'modern!' You're welcome to exclude them from your event entirely, or you can just opt to do fewer games. We like the idea of offering one game early on to break the ice among guests, or you can simply request that each guest leave a piece of advice for the parents-to-be and read them aloud at some point during the event.

Offer a signature cocktail (and a signature mocktail!):

Champagne is a common baby shower drink, but why not put a twist on that staple? Offer a creatively-named signature cocktail instead (if you're holding the event at a restaurant, ask the bartender to come up with something interesting based on the season and your preferences). Make sure you offer up a signature mocktail as well — the mom-to-be shouldn't have to miss out on this touch!

Serve up light bites instead of a buffet meal

While brunch buffets are common at baby showers, they can also dictate the mood of the entire event: If guests load up their plates and go straight to their tables, they have less time to mingle. Instead, consider serving bite-sized appetizers (think mini pizzas, cheeseburger sliders, cake pops and tiny cupcakes). You could even build the menu around the mom-to-be's cravings for a fun twist (fried pickles and tiny ice cream cones, anyone?). Just be sure you still offer enough seating for your guests, as they'll want to sit down to watch you open all your gifts!


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