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Seven Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

Seven Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women

With 385,000 babies born into the world each and every day, we’re willing to bet you know someone special who is expecting.1 Whether you’re a friend, partner, parent, or another family member of the mom-to-be, there’s no time like the present to show your support.

Don’t wait for the baby shower to let your expectant loved one know how much you care. Moms are superstars (they’re creating a whole human with their body, after all), but they can use our support every step of the way.

We compiled this list of seven gift ideas for pregnant women to give the future mama in your life. Use this gift guide for the best pregnancy gifts that will surely put a smile on every expectant mom.

#1 Maternity Clothes

Pregnancy will take the soon-to-be mom you know through an incredible journey of body changes. You can support this journey with a fashionable pregnancy gift box to help them look and feel their best.

Every pregnant person can use a maternity capsule wardrobe they can turn to with confidence. Their closet should include:

  • Maternity jeans – Nothing pinches like pre-pregnancy pants once your favorite mom-to-be starts showing. Protect them from the pinch by gifting them a pair of maternity jeans (in their favorite denim wash, of course!) early in their pregnancy.
  • Basic tees and tanks – The bump doesn’t always need to be dressed up—it’s a statement in itself! This Larken Signature Tank is perfect for nursing, so your gift can go the extra distance.
  • Babysoft loungewear – Help the new mom get cozy with organic maternity loungewear like the Organic Lounge Pant. These waffle-knit pants are GOTS certified and come with a roll-over waistband. They even have pockets! If you want to go all out, get them the ultimate lounge set. Our favorite is the Organic Lounge Robe + Frida Mom Labor and Delivery + Postpartum Recovery Kit. This robe allows you to add custom embroidery for a personalized gift to make any mom-to-be feel special.
Give your baby the best clothing suited for their gently skin. GOTS-certified organic fabrics. Shop now!

#2 Snacks and Treats

Pregnant mamas might crave things that you find crazy—but there’s a reason they want beaucoups of fruit, spicy foods, pickles, chocolate, and dairy.2

A foodie pregnancy gift is a flavorful way to show them you care and help them head off mineral deficiencies and imbalances due to pregnancy:

  • A fruit-filled bouquet sculpture is a beautiful way to treat them to the vitamin C and natural sugars they need. If it includes chocolate-covered strawberries, even better! Chocolate has tryptophan, which will help her produce serotonin and feel happy.2
  • Another surprising pregnancy craving is spicy food. It helps us sweat, which aids in cooling our body down. A hot sauce flight is the perfect gift for the expectant mama with a hot tooth!

If Mama likes to be in charge in the kitchen, give them The Karina Method’s Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition & Wellness Download. This resource provides them with everything they need to know to stay healthy before and after the baby arrives.

#3 Spa Essentials

Pregnancy is certainly not the time to scrimp on self-care!

Let the expectant mother know how much you support them in putting self-care at the top of their to-do list. Give them the thoughtful gift of a pregnancy pillow or at-home spa essentials designed for pregnancy, like:

Another idea is to find a mama-friendly local spa and treat the pregnant mama and yourself to a day of luxury that doubles as a bonding moment.

#4 The Cutest Keepsakes

Pregnancy might not always feel like a walk in the park, but once it’s over, some mamas may look back on the experience fondly. Help them record and treasure the journey with a special keepsake.

An organic cotton-bound pregnancy journal is an ideal place for an expecting mom to record their experiences, emotions, and thoughts as their baby grows inside of them.

Choose a journal with a color or pattern that speaks to their personality and with pages that are soft and thick so they’ll stand the test of time. That way, they’ll be able to reflect back on their pregnancy decades later.

For a keepsake that they can build during pregnancy and their baby’s early years, gift them a thoughtful memory baby book. With room for pregnancy pictures and a letter to Baby, plus space for the many firsts they will experience together, this is a thoughtful keepsake for the whole family.

#5 Prenatal Reading

If mama-to-be is more of a reader than a writer, consider these books to keep their mind occupied while their body does the hard work of creating a human:

  • Expecting Better by Emily Oster – Emily Oster breaks down conventional pregnancy wisdom using real data to explain what a doctor might not take the time to—or might not even be able to. This gift—subtitled Why the Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong–and What You Really Need to Know—tackles pregnancy dos and don’ts from drinking to gardening.
  • The New Baby Blueprint Book by Dr. Whitney Casares – Before Baby comes, give Mama insight on how to support herself, the baby, and her partner in the first exciting days, weeks, and months of her baby’s life.
  • What Mothers Do by Naomi Stadlen – Anne Karpf calls this book the “best parenting book you’ve never heard of” because it focuses on Mama’s relationship with Baby instead of the standard rules that most parenting books parrot.3
  • Fair Play by Eve Rodsky – This guidebook for a happy household offers a blueprint for couples to manage the day-to-day responsibilities of having a family—and still have time for fun, creativity, and joy. Give it to the expecting mother in your life so they and their partner can take the next step of their family journey together.
  • Mom Milestones by Grace Farris – This hilarious, graphic-novel style book celebrates the journey of parenthood. Give a mom-to-be the gift of laughter through a sneak peek at what to expect in the first seven years of their new baby’s life. Bonus points if they’re already a mom. This empathetic book is sure to make them feel seen.
  • How to Raise Kids Who Aren't Assholes by Melinda Moyer – Give Mama a jumpstart on raising honest, generous, antiracist children with this evidence-backed book by a science journalist. Packed with strategies for raising toddlers to teenagers, this is a gift they’ll return to over and over.

If Mama’s bookshelves are already overflowing, an Audible gift card is a literary gift that won’t create clutter.

#6 Perfect Nursery Additions

Now that she’s nesting, Mom might have a registry filled with nursery necessities and baby shower gifts. But what about the adorable additions that make Baby and Mom both feel at home?

From a felt letter board to let Mom express herself with words to whimsical touches like the Meri Meri Unicorn Baby Mobile, nursery gifts double as a heartfelt gesture and swoon-worthy decor.

Add even more cuteness to corners of the nursery with ideas such as:

  • A cozy rocking chair – Every nursery needs a rocking chair that Mom and Baby can both sit comfortably in. A Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker is a comforting gift that will last long past her pregnancy.
  • A bookcase for Baby – Help her raise a reader by gifting her a nursery bookcase. We’re partial to this Babyletto bookcase shaped like a cactus.

#7 Hospital and First-Year Essentials

The big day and the first year are getting closer with every moment that passes. While excitement levels may be at an all-time high, so, too, may be the pre-delivery jitters.

You can help the pregnant person in your life breathe a bit easier by picking out a curated set of essentials for birth and the first year of their baby’s life:

  • The Hospital Cuddle Box™comes with the necessities for Baby’s first few nights outside of Mama’s belly, all in matching colors + prints so Baby can show off their fresh hospital fashion.
  • Cuddle Boxes are chock full of super-soft, organic blankets + clothing in matching colors + prints, so the mom-to-be won’t have to think too hard about putting together a cute outfit.
  • Baby’s First Year Box has the clothing + blankets for Baby to grow in through every season of their first year—plus; it can be customized with an embroidered name or monogram for an extra-special gift.

These carefully curated boxes will show you care about Mama, Baby, and the importance of color coordination from a young age.

Give Confidently, Ethically, and Organically with Monica + Andy

Gifting options for your pregnant loved ones can be abundant—to say the least. But not all options are designed with Mama, Baby, and the planet in mind. At Monica + Andy, you can shop with peace of mind knowing that they are.

Our fabrics are made with the softest GOTS-certified cotton available, so you know they’re safe. Plus, our hand-picked selection of toys + utilities is made with natural materials, too!

If picking out the perfect gift for the pregnant person in your life has you feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and smile. You have Monica + Andy on your side.


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